Family STEAM Festival is a free annual event which takes place in Cambridge. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and the festival brings together a chance for all the family to learn together. Sadly our 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid19. Since then the organising body, The Kite TSA has closed.  We hope to regroup and to find a way for this great event to live on. We're currently looking for solutions. We hope you will be able to join us on Saturday 25th September 2021 for another jam-packed day of workshops and shows which could inspire a future career path or simply a new hobby.

Family STEAM Festival  Feedback

It was brilliant! We haven’t done everything as so much to do! I liked a lot of stuff. I liked the way you mixed Arts and Crafts with Science so well! It means that when you’ve got a child who is arty they will learn Science. We will be back next year.

Loads of interesting stuff. Loved the hyperloop, 3D printers and raspberry Pi’s.

Amazing festival! I cannot believe how fun and stimulating the activities were for the kids and parents! Can’t wait the next one!

We’ve all had a great time. All the contributors were really enthusiastic. I thought the variety was particularly good. We did some science/tech things and some arty bits.

Lovely day with lovely people. The event was so well organised with lots of activities for everyone to enjoy. My son and all his friends had a brilliant experience. Thank you very much!

Very imaginative and entertaining rocket demonstrations. Liked the particle physics, 3D printing. Children very enthused. Loved the variety of subjects covered. Something for everyone in Science and Arts. Lovely friendly entertaining day out for the whole family (aged 9-85 years!).

This is incredible! In 5 years you will have outgrown this space!

Enough to say I have enjoyed it even more than the kids. We spent all morning launching rocket. Wish it went on for a bit longer. Loads of places to see still. Brilliant!

Brilliant, good fun, good food and great for learning! Had a great day. Green music stage brilliant!

Fantastic day! Lots here to do and the kids had a great time- Thank you!

Wonderfully varied, though-provoking, creative and educational fun activities! 
Very nice day, happy that my kids had the chance to come today. Well organised too. Very well done to all of you. Thank you!

Great day out for the whole family. Kids had a blast. Well done!